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Help your clients breathe easily with Himalayan Source’s halotherapy Salt Pod
22 Oct 2021 . BY Megan Whitby
We’re seeing a marked increase in interest in our new salt pod
– Ann Brown
Staying healthy – particularly with an emphasis on supporting the respiratory system – is essential for today’s spa and wellness clients.

Himalayan Source’s new Himalayan Salt Pods provide a convenient, quick and positive impact for pulmonary health.

No need to undress or change clothes, clients simply sit and inhale deeply in a comfortable environment rich with the benefits of halotherapy – the treatments allow guests to use the time as desired while breathing in the pharmaceutical-grade salt dispensed by the pod’s halogenerator. A 30-minute session provides time for meditation and relaxation or for busy professionals to stay in business attire, make calls, conduct a Zoom meeting or answer emails.

How does it work?
Safe, 100 per cent natural and healthy, halotherapy uses a natural, basic mineral; pure sodium chloride (salt).

Sodium chloride is an essential element for the regulation of mucus in the lungs and upper respiratory system. It cleanses the respiratory tract and strengthens lung function by stimulating the body’s internal processes.

All clients need to do is simply inhale and exhale while in the halotherapy room.

Once inhaled, the tiny, negatively-ionized salt micro-particles from halotherapy help to:
  • Cleanse respiratory tract

  • Improve lung function

  • Strengthen immune system

  • Help you breathe more easily

  • Improve skin health

  • Increases athletic performance.

  • Himalayan Source Salt Pods start at US$12,900 (€11,111, £9,396), including a halogenerator and backlit pink Himalayan salt wall. Pods can be customised to your environment with made-to-order salt walls and two, three or four, glass walls.

    “We’re seeing a marked increase in interest in our new salt pod as it can be built inside an underutilised treatment room or any space,” says Ann Brown, co-founder of Himalayan Source and founder of Saltability, “the pod can also be attached to one to two existing walls and keep all the salt contained within the unit.”

    For more information, visit Himalayan Source's official website.

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