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Welnamis represents the next-generation of touchless treatments, says Sammy Gharieni
06 Dec 2021 . BY Megan Whitby
Welnamis can be combined with other treatments and also be offered as self-guided touchless therapy / Bergamos Retreat Friendswood, Texas, USA / Gharieni
We’re in the middle of a convergence between traditional spa and wellness practices and medicine
– Sammy Gharieni
Gharieni has launched its next-generation touchless treatment concept bed, the Welnamis, which combines specific binaural acoustic and vibrational frequencies to deeply relax both the brain and body.

The dual-therapy experience involves guests lying down on the Welnamis bed which delivers dynamic vibrational therapy through the body while they listen to multilayered binaural acoustic audio programmes through headphones.

The new and additional programmes combine the positive health benefits of vibration and sound therapies designed for the delivery of specific brainwave frequencies.

According to Gharieni, similar to meditation, the experience helps slow down mental activity, rebalance the body’s chakras and encourage anti-inflammatory responses.

Welnamis can be combined with other treatments and also be offered as self-guided touchless therapy.

The new experience is developed from the findings of third-party research into the proven benefits of its first-generation concept bed, the now-retired SpaWave.

The study results have led to innovations in Gharieni’s treatment programmes and protocols for targeted outcomes.

The four new programmes are as follows:
• Stress Relief; recommended for first-time users and designed to foster a deeply relaxed yet present state of mind.
• Mindfulness; claimed to activate creativity, insight, dreams and light sleep – often associated with REM sleep.
• PowerNap; this programme is said to foster a deep regenerative state associated with deep sleep which is the most restorative part of the sleep cycle.
• Awareness; the most innovative of the group – according to Gharieni – which provides conditions for increased perception, learning, and problem-solving.
More studies exploring Gharieni concept beds are in the pipeline.

Gharieni CEO, Sammy Gharieni, comments: “We’ve come to a point in our 30 year-history where we know we’re in the middle of a convergence between traditional spa and wellness practices and medicine.

“When we initiated our third-party research on the previous SpaWave, we found out exactly what works best in terms of programming and targeted treatment outcomes. The result is the Welnamis – which is inspired by the phrase ‘well wave’ in Japanese.

“We decided to welcome the Welnamis with its specific programming to deliver the verified wellness benefits we now know it’s highly capable of. We believe this is a game-changer and we’re excited to work with our clients and to continue elevating the quality and offering to the end-consumer.”
Voya creates exclusive seaweed spa rituals for Anantara Maia Seychelles Villas
BY Megan Whitby | 21 Jan 2022
Anantara Maia Seychelles Villas has introduced new organic spa treatments that harness the restorative powers of seaweed.
Sothys launches Nutritive range to soothe and nourish dry skin
BY Megan Whitby | 17 Jan 2022
French skincare and spa brand Sothys has launched the Nutritive skincare range designed to offer a next-generation nourishing solution for very dry skin.
Kemitron reveals refreshed fragrance dosing system for spas
BY Megan Whitby | 12 Jan 2022
Kemitron has unveiled a new version of its Select.Arom fragrance dosing system for steamrooms, experience showers and saunas.
Evolution-U launches psychology-based spa business training to optimise profitability
BY Megan Whitby | 11 Jan 2022
Business psychology training company Evolution-U Spa Academy has unveiled new online spa business training blending core spa team skills with corporate-level business psychology.
Zero Waste by Urb’n Nature unveils compostable amenity sachets
BY Megan Whitby | 07 Jan 2022
Urb'n Nature has expanded its Zero Waste collection of sustainable hotel and spa amenities with new compostable and plastic-free sachets.
Oakworks creates removable spa tabletop to offer sustainable treatment room solution
BY Megan Whitby | 04 Jan 2022
Spa and wellness equipment manufacturer Oakworks has introduced a new replaceable one-piece topper for its stationary massage tables.
La Rue Verte creates bespoke CBD massage oil and ritual for Aman Spa at The Connaught
BY Megan Whitby | 22 Dec 2021
CBD wellness brand La Rue Verte has developed a new treatment for the Aman Spa at The Connaught in London – the only Aman Spa in the world outside an Aman resort.
Future Fit strengthens commitment to sector with Future Fit Group
BY Megan Whitby | 21 Dec 2021
After more than 28 years of successful growth and development, and over 50,000 learners trained, training provider Future Fit Training has become part of the newly formed Future Fit Group.

Sparcstudio is a privately-owned design practice of likeminded designers and architects that have carved a reputation for designing highly creative, successful and award-winning spas, wellness, fitness, hotel and resort facilities.

Sparcstudio offers a bespoke and comprehensive design service with real attention to detail. Logical and inspiring space planning forms the bedrock of all Sparcstudio projects.

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