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Natura Bissé treatments boost wellbeing by almost 70 per cent finds recent study
27 Feb 2024 . BY Megan Whitby
Before and after the facials, researchers measured participants' brain activity, heart rate, skin condition and key biomarkers / Natura Bissé
Our ambition has always been to help people look – but more importantly – feel better
– Patricia Fisas
Spanish skincare and spa brand Natura Bissé has discovered its treatments can increase a sense of wellbeing by almost 70 per cent, as well as improve self-esteem, skin condition and relaxation levels.

The findings come from the brand’s recent scientific study conducted alongside Starlab – a research institute specialising in neuroscience – and the University of Murcia (an ally of EuniWell - the European University for Well-Being).

Conducted in 2023, the investigation was designed to scientifically validate and quantify the power of touch and its capacity to affect people’s sense of wellbeing.

It delved into the effects of Natura Bissé treatments on both emotional wellbeing and skin health.

Thirty volunteers, aged 25 to 60, participated in hour-long Natura Bissé facials, incorporating the brand's signature massage techniques, skincare formulations and aromatherapy.

Before and after the treatments, researchers measured participants' brain activity, heart rate, skin condition and key biomarkers, such as cortisol, alpha-amylase and oxytocin.

Additionally, participants provided feedback on their subjective emotional states, perceived stress levels, self-esteem and perceived skin improvements through questionnaires.

Comparable measurements were also conducted for a control group that did not undergo treatment.

Findings showed that the treatments elevated participants' sense of wellbeing by almost 70 per cent, and improved their sense of self-esteem, skin condition and relaxation levels.

Natura Bissé says that in today’s society where mental health remains a highly relevant subject, this study highlights the significant power of touch and skincare.

“Our ambition has always been to help people look – but more importantly – feel better,” said Patricia Fisas, SVP and research and innovation officer at Natura Bissé.

“That's why seven years ago, we began analysing brain activity, heart rate and skin reactions during our spa rituals to help us understand how to further elevate these experiences and demonstrate that they transform the skin and emotions.

“Now, our most thorough study to date from 2023 has quantified the power of touch through neuroscience and confirmed a nearly 70 per cent increase in self-esteem and overall wellbeing following our spa experiences. This figure highlights the crucial role of estheticians and will hopefully encourage more people to visit the spa and take better care of themselves."

The recent study builds upon Natura Bissé's previous endeavours in neuroscientific research.

In 2016, the brand conducted an experiment to help refine its spa protocols based on real-time neuroscientific insights. In 2020, it further explored methods to swiftly alleviate stress and foster mindfulness through virtual reality, culminating in The Mindful Touch experience.

To date, Natura Bissé continues to expand throughout the world in luxury retailers and premium spas with a presence in 40 countries and subsidiaries in Spain, the US, Mexico, the UK and China.

/ Credit: Natura Bissé
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